When it comes time to think about homeowners insurance and the risks that affect your rates, many people will think of the worst imaginable. These risks can include damage from strong gusty hurricanes, violent tornadoes, and even a flash flood. Seems obvious right? Did you also know that long periods of hot weather can also affect your home for the worse? Living in Ahwatukee, we sure do know a thing or two about extreme heat. Read below to find how why you should collect an Ahwatukee home insurance quote.


Long periods of time where your home is exposed to heat, can cause extreme damage to your home. High temperatures are always uplifting after a long harsh winter. However, you must know the other risks that extreme heat can cause for your home. Read below to find out the top 3 damages that can be caused due to heat.


The Risk of a Wildfire – When it comes to fire damage done to your home, it does not need to be complete in order for an insurance claim to be started. You may use fire-resistant materials for your home as well such as shingles and concrete made tiles. Also, you can use fireproof air vents that can allow the flow of air.


The Risk of Roof Damage – During a prolonged period of hot water and extreme direct sunlight, your roof is taking some intense damage. Intense heat on your roof can greatly affect your tiles, especially after cold and damp weather. The drying of your roof tiles can end up with cracks.


The Risk of Subsidence – This involves your home’s foundation moving. If your home is located where there is high clay, it can affect your foundation in hot weather. When the groundwater is evaporated by the sun, the earth will dry and crack. This will cause your home to move. Not all home insurance policies will cover this. When you are shopping for an Ahwatukee home insurance quote, keep these factors in mind.


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