Purchase Your Ahwatukee Home With An Inspection Condition.

Absolutely! In fact, never make an offer on a home without making it conditional upon a thorough inspection by a licensed Home Inspector. And, never close on the home purchase without a detailed re-inspection to ensure all specified conditions have been corrected to your satisfaction. Spending a few hundred dollars for an expert home inspection professional could save you a fortune by discovering deficiencies that otherwise may not be found until it is too late.

Every home in Ahwatukee, whether new or old can harbor defective conditions. Some may be visually obvious, but some may only be apparent through a detailed inspection by a qualified inspector that knows where to look and how to look. It is crucially important to identify problems, determine how serious they may be and how costly the corrections could be. The home inspection results could determine whether to pursue negotiations or not.

The typical homebuyer will only spend a relatively short time visually inspecting a home prior to making an offer. Although this walk through will help you form a general impression of a home’s condition, the typical homebuyer is not nearly qualified to make a detailed conclusion of underlying conditions without the assistance of an experienced, knowledgeable home inspector.

Faulty foundations, structural problems, poor insulation, ventilation deficiencies, weakened roof structure and inadequate plumbing installation are just a few of hundreds of potential problems that must be exposed prior to making an offer. And that doesn’t include building safety hazards involving electrical wiring, fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces, decks, railings, water heaters, gas leaks and other potentially dangerous situations.

Clearly you would want your home inspection specialist to identify any general deterioration, inoperative fixtures, faulty air conditioning units and more. And don’t forget external aspects as well including fences, swimming pool conditions and adequate drainage.

Every Ahwatukee homebuyer should make informed decisions. Hiring a buyer’s agent that diligently represents your interests that will ask the seller about any known deficiencies and faulty conditions is imperative. Always know what you’re making an offer on and make any offers with a contingency of a detailed home inspection.

For your own comfort and confidence, interview potential qualified inspectors and ask for references. After all, a home purchase is likely the most important investment you’ll ever make and you want to avoid loses and years of unfortunate regret.

Happy home hunting in Ahwatukee.