Stunningly beautiful. A sacred place. A photographer’s dream. An unimaginable blend of natural, glowing colors. Carved by nature over millions of years by flowing water and wind, it’s like a collection of real life paintings. Antelope Canyon is just a few miles east of Page, Arizona and is entirely underground on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Beneath the landscape, rays of sunlight penetrate sporadic openings at midday creating at delightful blend of illuminated colorful sandstone. It is like a natural cathedral of spiritual beauty.

There are two sister canyons. The “Upper Canyon”, called “Tse’ bighanilini” by the Navajo means “the place where water runs through rocks”. It is the most popular of the two canyons and one of the most photographed spots in America. It is a relatively easy stroll through level, sandy paths. The “Lower Canyon” has some very narrow openings and steep declines where ladders have been added to make it an easier hike.

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