Selling your Ahwatukee home? Your goal is maximizing the profit and choosing the right real estate listing agent could have a profound effect on the objective. No two Realtors are the same. Experience, knowledge of the marketplace, marketing strategy success, personal commitment of time and strong negotiating skills are all factors to consider when choosing a Realtor to list your home in Ahwatukee.

Things To Consider

Research. Pay attention.

Drive around neighborhoods in your area and get to know which agent has the most signs. Check neighborhood newspapers to see which agents run the most productive and professional ads. These are clues to who is the most active and most tenacious listing agents.

Gather a few names.

You want to choose the agent with the best qualifications that will commit the necessary time to sell your home at the largest possible selling price within your limited time frame. Interview more that one listing Realtor. See who responds to your inquiry the quickest because this might be an indication of how rapidly he or she will respond to a potential buyer.

Research, study and ask.

Ask for biographical information. Look at their marketing material which will give you an idea of how professional they are in promoting the sale of your home. Ask how many homes they have listed in the last six months, how many of those have been sold and the average number of days their listings are on the market before being sold.

Time on the market.

Although time on the market will give you an idea of how active an agent is, it is not necessarily indicative of cost and time efficiency. Quick sales may indicate selling too quickly at low-ball prices. Look closely at the list of homes that the agent has sold and compare original asking price to the ultimate selling price. A big gap could be a clue that the agent is not a strong negotiator or leads the seller to accept a lower offer simply get a quicker commission at the least expended time. An agent that typically sells a home close to the asking price may be the most cost-effective choice by demonstrating a commitment towards satisfying the seller’s goal rather than their own selfish objectives.

Personal Service.

How confident are you that you will get quick reliable service Inquire about the agent’s support staff. Is there a supporting staff that can handle logistical and document details so the Realtor can spend more time servicing your needs and questions? Make sure that your chosen Realtor will be personally there at the most critical times of the transaction period including at closing should last moment issues arise.

Listing price recommendations.

An experienced real estate listing agent will know the specific marketplace conditions a good feel of what your asking price should be at any given time. The home selling price is perhaps the most important factor in selling your home. There is often a thin line between what you expect to get versus what price will entice potential buyers to take a closer look. Ask your agent to provide a Comparative Analysis of other similar homes in your area so you are aware of a likely price range. Some real estate agents will suggest a low- ball asking price that will result in a quick sale to gain a quick commission with the least amount of expended time and cost. Be observant.

Listing agreement.

There many types of listing agreements. Some give the agent advantages above your own. Have them explain the options. A standard agreement is for a three-month duration. There are costs to the agent to setup and implement marketing your home and he or she will expect a minimum period to help offset the startup costs. Some agents will spend more money marketing your home than do others. Be considerate to those factors, but do not get yourself strapped into a long term agreement in case the agent does not perform as promised.

Agent commissions.

The typical commissions are 5 to 7% of the sale. There is usually a commission split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Often those percentages are negotiable, but be careful not to negotiate such a low commission that the agent will cut back an expended marketing and promotion costs. You might consider suggesting a lower commission if the buyer does not have his or her own buyer’s agent since the listing agent would get a larger share of the commission in that case.

Take your time.

Read all the fine print in a proposed listing agreement. Do not rush. At this point you want to be perfectly clear there are no hidden conditions that could adversely affect your goals. Particularly if the sale will be a larger transaction, consider having a real estate lawyer make a review to protect your position. If the tax-effect of the sale may create tax ramifications discuss those with your attorney or an accountant.

Good luck selling your Ahwatukee home.